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Welcome to Knee Pain Relief Center for complete knee pain diagnosis and treatment We offer innovative Techniques and minimally invasive surgery. We have onsite X-Ray, MRI, and Orthopedic Rehabilitation.
We offer several knee pain treatment options Hyalgan, stem cell injections and arthrocentesis as well as Non-invasive options including braces, anti-inflammatory medications, and orthopedic rehabilitation.
Orthopedic Rehabilitation Comprehensive on-site Orthopedic Rehab facility State-of-art equipment A wide array of equipment and machines for physical rehabilitation
15+ years of taking care of you! Excellence in patient care Respect, and Confidentiality We are committed to treating all of our patients with compassion, care, respect, integrity, and confidentiality.

About Knee Pain Center: Knee Pain Relief Center is a state-of-art, advanced diagnostic and treatment center for knee problems. We strongly believe in considering all possible options, surgical and non-surgical, for your specific knee issue. It is our goal to help you maintain, or regain, your good health through exceptional orthopedic care and physical rehabilitation.

Since the health of our patients is the paramount reason for our existence, we promise to continue our efforts to provide innovative, up-to-date orthopedic techniques, and comprehensive services. We are committed to treating all of our patients with compassion, respect, integrity, and confidentiality.

Excellence in Patient Care, Respect, Compassion, Integrity, Sincerity, Positive Attitude, Patient Education, and Patient Confidentiality are our core values.

Call us if you have any of these symptoms:

  • • You can't bear weight on the knee.
  • • Your knee looks misshapen or abnormal.
  • • Your knee locks, buckles, or makes a clicking sound when you bend it.
  • • You have pain in the knee even when resting.
  • • You have swelling or redness around the knee, or the knee feels warm to touch.
  • • Your knee still hurts after three days of rest and home remedies.

We have several treatment options available, including the new Stem Cell injections. Call us to discuss your knee problem and find out how our team of experts can help you.
Phone Numbers: (817) 656-7827, (817) 498-0400 (Metro), (817) 520-2021